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Server Push Data with WCF

As a traditional model data will be fetched with pull technology but there are instance where data needs to be pushed from server one such example is when you are building Trading application where live data keeps populating at every unknown intervals. In this case usually one does pooling from UI with a timer registered which is basically not a good approach as per to me since we are making server call every now and then even though not sure whether the data been updated or not. So How about pushing the data from server on latest data. This code-base demonstrates how this can achieved with WCF MSMQ pattern.

Advantages of using MSMQ is even if Client goes offline after registered to server and meantime a data packet is sent from server still Data will be picked up once the client comes back online.

I have used console application at Server side to demonstrate Server push data, in a realistic way it could be DB call or Random number generation or any data which needs to be pushed to registered client.

Server Screen - Started


Server Screen - User can Select option to send Sample data or create their own Employee Object

This uses Sample Object

Creation of Employee Object

Client One Screen - Data Received from Server


Client Two Screen - Data Received from Server


NOTE: To use WCF MSMQ, Following option should be check in
Contol Panel >> Programs & Features >> Turn Windows Features on or off

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